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Antser Learning has a history of over 30 years in training and practice within safeguarding and child protection courses across the social care spectrum in the UK.  

We offer a wide range of online and face-to-face safeguarding training courses for all practitioners working with children, young people, families and vulnerable adults. Our courses can be delivered in a variety of sectors and are suitable for social workers, safeguarding practitioners across children services, education, health and other partner agencies. 

Our flagship Virtual Reality (VR) enabled ‘behaviour change’ courses – an innovative addition to our core training offer – address key themes of care and practice enabling learners to experience the depth of trauma through the eyes of children and young people. 

delivered virtually, in-house or enhanced through virtual reality technology


We host a range of open courses which are suitable for individuals such as social workers and safeguarding practitioners across children’s services, adult services and partner agencies.


All of our training is delivered exclusively to your organisation, and can be provided in a traditional classroom environment or remotely. We are also able to deliver be-spoke courses. 

Virtual Reality Enabled

Our VR-enabled courses are a proven behaviour change tool, designed to support the team around the child in understanding emotions, trauma and potential triggers through the use of immersive technology. 

children's social care

Our safeguarding and child protection courses are designed to help social work and safeguarding professionals develop a better understanding of circumstances surrounding the child and use proven frameworks to facilitate better outcomes for children and families. 

adult social care

Our Adult Services courses offer a wide range of tools and proven frameworks that equip social work and safeguarding professionals to confidently navigate and respond to the challenges surrounding vulnerable adults.  


Our learning offer for schools focuses on enhancing understanding and awareness of the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACE) on children and young people. We provide a wide range of courses for teachers and school staff, including Virtual Reality-enabled learning and Trauma Level 1 & 2. 

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